New Music: Murdo Mitchell

Sometimes you press play on a song and it immediately blows you away. I can safely say that is the case with ‘Ghosts’.

Crafted by Glaswegian singer-songwriter Murdo Mitchell, this track is not only intensely moving, but creates a sonic atmosphere that is nothing short of stunning – building to an ever-increasing intensity the longer you listen.

“I wrote ‘Ghosts’ during lockdown, when you weren’t able to go out of your house, and at the start you were stacking the cupboards like you were preparing for a zombie apocalypse, but there was an element of madness-but-also-almost-fun in the air, then further down the line you were tearing your hair out wanting to get out and away from all the feelings you didn’t know you’d had that were buried deep. It was around the tearing-my-hair-out phase that I wrote Ghosts. 

Ghosts is about the vulnerability you open yourself up to in a relationship and the trust that both parties must have in order for it to function. But more especially, it’s probably more to the point of what happens when that trust breaks down.”

Murdo Mitchell