0171 – The Beach

London creatives 0171 are back with another interesting release through their new single ‘The Beach’.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Welcome Back To My Channel’, the track cleverly fuses elements of indie, electronica and pop with light drum & bass, serving listeners with a sound that is immediately striking and refreshingly unique in character.

“‘The Beach’ was written in twenty minutes at a moment of real sadness and frustration. I (Joe) had had a couple of days trying to write on my own, discarding everything I made, feeling worse and worse, and mainly spending hours in the addictive ocean of YouTube. Eventually I left the studio and went and lay on my bed with just the laptop, no instruments, feeling like I didn’t know how to make music anymore. I scribbled out the lyrics thinking melodramatic thoughts about it being the last song I ever write. Georgie had been getting into Space Age pop and the golden era of 60’s Italian library music, so I threw a couple of her samples in and made a beat, and ended up speaking the words cause I felt too fed up to try writing a melody. So often with music you have to shake yourself out of routine to make anything that excites you. ‘The Beach’ doesn’t really sound like much else.”