Jalle – Downers (feat. Issey Cross)

Nottingham’s rising alt star Jalle releases his brand new single ‘Downers’, featuring the talents of left-pop newcomer Issey Cross.

Produced with Josef Page (Aziya, Millie Turner), the track carries a central message that rings true to many young people battling with anxieties in the age of the internet.

“My school life definitely had an influence on this song for me, particularly how I felt during my school years. I always hated school and never really felt like I fit in. I always felt like an outsider and was constantly changing myself to try and fit in. Issey and I really connected over this and had similar experiences so ‘Downers’ was created.” – Jalle

“Jalle and I wrote this song in lockdown on zoom. It was the first time we’d met but we got on so well and just wrote a really honest song together about our insecurities and how we would change them if we could!!” – Issey Cross

Jalle | Issey Cross


  • 20th April – Audio Active Youth Club, Brighton 
  • 21st April – Abbie McCarthy’s Good Karma Club, Colours Hoxton 
  • 26th April – Creative Youth Network Youth Club, Bristol 
  • 3rd May – Send Project Youth Club, Nottingham 
  • 9th June – Z-arts Youth Club, Manchester