New Music: Mads Koch

Photo / Amalie Holm Pedersen

Mads Koch is already an established artist and songwriter within the Danish music scene, having worked with the likes of Mø, Jada and Goss.

While noted for his collaborations with international pop artists, new single ‘The Lake’ sees Koch in a more intimate, almost ethereal setting. Served in an indie-folk style of sound, the track serves as a thought-provoking observation on life and death.

“I think a lot of us can gain a richer and more beautiful existence by practicing an openhearted approach to the transience of life. Not that we necessarily need to dwell on anxious contemplations about death but in away where we can get through this fear by surrendering to it. This is why ‘The Lake’ is a declaration of love to the little, quiet and seemingly uneventful situations, that our days and lives actually is made of.”

The song is released alongside Koch’s debut album ‘Fingers’, of which he says:

“‘Fingers’ is a declaration of love to the acoustic and clean sounds of instruments in an orchestral setting.The songs find themselves in a field between hope, calm and gloominess, while the lyrics reflects the thoughts that takes up a lot of space inside me.”

Mads Koch

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