Photo / Seannie Bryan

Acclaimed Los Angeles four-piece DAISY return today with an intriguing blend of pop, jazz, punk and R&B.

New single ‘HUBBA BUBBA’ finds the band raiding the ‘90s for inspiration, from the vibe they achieve to the fact they recorded and produced the track in keys player Roswell’s garage.

“We’ve been really deep in our ‘90s bag lately… all the incredible bands we grew up listening to. We were really indulging in ‘90s music in the van on our last tour. We feel super inspired by No Doubt, Third Eye Blind, Dre etc.”

“’HUBBA BUBBA’ is an ode to the west coast and all the incredible music we grew up on. A song about having a sexy secret little crush and not knowing where it’s going to go. We’re completely and totally obsessed with this song!”