The Tyne – MOVE 2 LA

One of the most exciting outfits to emerge from the UK of late, North-East based Gen Z trio The Tyne have a sound that is immediately likeable to most.

Now 17, the band formed at 14 over a love of classic pop-punk and indie. Having inadvertently built a following of over 400k followers on Tik Tok via performances in their parent’s back gardens, they will soon unveil their debut EP to the world.

Produced by Gethin Pearson (Kennyhoopla/ Charli XCX), their energising new single ‘MOVE 2 LA’ is an effortless blend of emo escapism and contemporary pop-punk.

“‘MOVE 2 LA’ was the first song we wrote that we felt represented us as a band so it’ll always be a special one to us. We wrote it in October 2020 and had the verse and pre floating about for ages and we didn’t know what to do with it without a chorus. We were at the edge of giving up on the song until we finally came up with the chorus we have now. The song is about escaping your problems by any means necessary, even if that means leaving home and ending up in another country!”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Born On The Internet’, released through Slam Dunk Records on 13th July 2022.

The Tyne