New Music: Thavoron

Photo / Gemma Cross

Emerging from Seattle is 21-year-old first-generation Cambodian American artist Thavoron.

By masterfully fusing elements of dream pop with indie, jazz and rock, this artist creates songs that are conceptually refreshing in tone, yet deeply personal and rich in emotion.

New single ’18’ sees Thavoron deliver lyricism that touches on aspects of queer youth, lust, and the emotional scars of traumatic relationships.

“’18’ is about a situation I went through when I was eighteen, naive, fresh out of high school, and desperate to love. The only thing that my partner at the time would see in me was my physical body. It’s mentally taxing to know that even if you do offer all parts of yourself to someone. No one is obligated to love you the way that you love them. Some people pick and choose which parts of you to fully see, and this song is about the events leading up to that. I wanted to highlight the sadness and beauty of intimacy and movement with this song. There’s something so inspiring about altering your concept of self and reclaiming your power in the same body you once felt so used in.”