New Music: Calundé

Photo / Puck Versteegen

Hailing from the Netherlands is promising newcomer Cas Erkeland, who goes by the alias of Calundé.

A master of many skills, this talent writes, composes, produces, records and performs his own work, leading to praise from the likes of Indie Shuffle and KCRW.

Today he unveils an uptempo and uplifting pop anthem in the form of new single ‘TALK!’. With its infectiously memorable melody and catchy lyrics, this is one song to add to your playlists for the weekend ahead.

“‘TALK!’ to me is about a kind of nostalgic, hopeful despair. For the first time I spoke to many people physically, including a date that I suddenly bumped into after a long time. Such a spontaneous meeting was uncomfortable, but also a hopeful bright spot to be able to have conversations out of the blue. It’s a new kind of appreciation of an encounter like that, no matter how awkward and clumsy it can feel.”


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