Erin Bloomer – Therapy

Having already worked with the likes of Oscar Scheller, Future Cut, Imanbek and Rasster, Gen Z starlet Erin Bloomer returns today with new single ‘Therapy’, out via TikTok’s brand new label, Sound On.

The track serves as an ode to working on your mental health, and appreciating partners who do the same.

“With everything that’s happened in the world over the last couple of years, so many people have struggled with their mental health and Therapy holds a mirror up and says it’s okay to be honest about it, it’s completely normal.  When I played it to my friends, they laughed and loved it. Very slowly there seems to be a positive change in people’s attitudes towards mental wellbeing and I wanted to be a part of that.  I’m aware that many people, especially boys, will suffer in silence because they’re embarrassed and see it as a weakness.  In fact I struggled with anxiety myself during lockdown, I couldn’t see my friends, a family member was seriously ill and I had been planning to dive head first into my music career straight after A-levels and of course all of those plans were suddenly on hold.  I did a few zooms with friends and with music colleagues and I did write and record from home too, but I found myself needing some extra help to process everything; I met with a therapist, in a socially distanced way,  every Tuesday afternoon, to help me work through my thoughts and deal with the new life I was leading, it was unbelievably cathartic and it’s had a very positive outcome.” 

Erin Bloomer

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