Siv Jakobsen – Most of the Time

Photo / Jørgen Nordby

After two long years, critically acclaimed Norwegian singer songwriter Siv Jakobsen is back with what is likely to be her most vulnerable song to date, entitled ‘Most Of The Time’.

Ethereal and beautiful in style, this melodic and deeply moving song is about wanting – but being unable to forget.

“‘Most of the Time’ is about not being able to forget a particularly difficult relationship from my past. When left undealt with, the memories seemed to heighten in my sleep, in my subconscious, day and night, almost as if I was being haunted. It’s about how our past affects our future, how it can affect our personalities morphing into someone slightly different. Being back in this place again after such a long time was a much greater shock to my system than I would have ever thought it could be, and it forced me to unbox a lot of things I thought I had safely stored away in the back corners of my mind. In the end, it’s about reminding myself that I am feeling better now, most of the time.”

Siv Jakobsen

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