New Music: Dominic Sen

Photo / Tonje Thilesen

Hailing from the US is promising songwriter and producer Alexandra Lily Cohen, who goes by the alias of Dominic Sen.

With a uniquely captivating approach to music-making, this artist perfectly fuses elements of nostalgia into a modern and fresh style of R&B-pop.

Finessed new single ‘Lookin’ 4 Pleasure’ serves as a charming Y2K-inspired love song to the self.

“‘Lookin’ 4 Pleasure’ pays tribute to the experience of turning inward for pleasure during times when external validation and the company of others feels too loaded or fraught. On a cursory level, this song is about physical pleasure, but it’s meant to encompass all types of joy-inspiring self-exploration.

Dominic Sen plays Purgatory in Brooklyn on 27th May 2022.

Dominic Sen

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