Bhi Bhiman – Helpless

This July sees renowned singer-songwriter Bhi Bhiman’s first studio album in four years, and as ‘Helpless’ shows, the wait has seemingly been worth it.

This is a style of indie-folk that feels ethereal, timeless, soulful and beautifully atmospheric.

“‘Helpless’ is a very simple song musically. It’s literally two chords. But within those two chords, there is a spiritual centre to the song that I think will resonate with people. The second hook, ‘I live on island time’ (which I sing with reverence to my island people, not derision) announces my plan to arrive at death fashionably late – on my own time. St. Peter and the pearly gates, or whatever you believe in, will have to wait for ME.” 

Upcoming album ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Famous’ is out this summer.

Bhi Bhiman