New Music: Thaddeus

Today sees the debut release for Danish-American newcomer Thaddeus. With an emotive fusion of indie, synth and pop, this artist has created one of the most impressive releases of the week.

Beautifully melancholic in tone, ‘Do I Wanna Know’ questions whether we should always try to help solve the problems of those we care about, or if it’s better to take a step back and just be there for them.

“How are you? What’s wrong? How can I help? – when our loved one battles with their mental health, we’re supposed to reach out, offer our help, give a f*ck. But what do you do when your efforts aren’t working, if you aren’t really capable of fully understanding the problem and your well-meaning advice risks belittling or misunderstanding the issue?”

The song serves as a taster for an upcoming conceptual EP entitled ‘Reasonable Doubt’, which is out soon.


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