New Music: Noah Richardson

Philadelphian newcomer Noah Richardson unveils a summer indie bop like none other today with the release of his new single ‘WHEREVER U GO’.

Presenting a fusion of hazy lo-fi pop, indie and R&B, the song bounces from melancholic verses to euphoric choruses – leaving listeners in a constant state of surprise.

The production perfectly mirrors the lyrical concept for the song – which looks into the emotional ups and downs of having to move on, as Richardson explains:

“Moving on can be an incredibly difficult thing, ‘Wherever U Go’ is kinda my way of dancing through that pain and that process. Despite the challenges, despite the heartbreak, despite everything burning down around you, you still find a way to dance through the ashes. These past couple months have been incredibly difficult for me. From health issues, losing friendships, family problems, etc. It all just felt like one thing after another but now i’m finally kinda seeing the end of it I think? Yanno, as much as I want to write my songs for the public and for others, I really use them as medicine for myself initially too. It’s therapeutic. A lot of the time I find myself smiling through the pain and the pressure and I just wanted a way to let it all go. That’s what this song is to me.”

Noah Richardson

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