New Music: Mike Baretz

A master of many talents, Mike Baretz is not only an emerging singer but also an established songwriter and producer who has worked alongside the likes of Kota the Friend and Croosh.

Today marks the release of his first single, entitled ‘Take It That Way’. Inspired by relationships where lovers stay together and intentionally ignore the warning signs, the song presents listeners with a dreamy yet melancholic fusion of R&B, soul and indie-pop.

“I think we’ve all felt at times that we can cling to the things we are close to even when we can see the flaws and shortcomings staring right back at us. ‘Take It That Way’ is about trying to hold on to that person despite seeing all the cracks in the foundation. It can be so easy to ignore all of the downsides and just latch on to the familiarity and comfort of someone you care about, even when it may not be working.”

A self-taught musician who ended up at the world-renowned Juilliard School, Baretz has also collaborated with acclaimed producers like Lars Stalfors and Swagg R’Celius.

Mike Baretz

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