Mike Baretz – Worth It

While busy crafting hits for likes of Annalise Azadia, American producer Mike Baretz still manages to find the time to work on his own solo project.

Following on from the release of ‘Take It That Way’, new single ‘Worth It’ continues to showcase Baretz’s beautiful vocals and impressive songwriting skills.

“For me, ‘Worth It’ encapsulates a see-saw of self doubt paired with an almost-delusional belief in and love for someone. It zooms in on insecurities and flaws, but packaged in a ‘happy’ tone. When the chorus kicks in, the blind eye is turned from the internal doubts and insecurities and focuses on that person that makes you forget about everything having to do with the real world, those insecurities included. I wrote it during a time in my life that was focused on the downfalls and negatives of a breakup; I felt like I needed to write a happy song that still tied into the themes of everything else that I was writing about.”

To date, Baretz has garnered over a million catalogue streams, while also accumulating an ever-growing fanbase across social media and on Spotify.

Mike Baretz