New Music: Sam Short

While the name may not (yet) be familiar to most, Sam Short is already an accomplished songwriter who has worked for the likes of Katy Perry, Shakira and NOTD.

So it comes as no surprise that Short’s own solo work is a masterclass in pop. Songs like ‘Naked’ feature punchy lyrics and catchy melodies over sleek electronic productions, giving Short’s music a strong sense of character.

“‘Naked’ is essentially an ode to self-love and sensuality. It encompasses all of what it means to not only be independent, but to be empowered as a female in today’s world. I wrote the song in an effort to help myself recover from a tumultuous break-up, and I hope it helps others do the same.”

While still on her second release, Short has already accumulated a significant fan base, with more than 350k followers on TikTok alone.

Sam Short

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