Joey XL – Good Love

Photo / Scott Butler

Emerging London-based R&B talent Joey XL returns with a melodic piece of musical perfection.

Lifted from the forthcoming EP ‘XL’s Room’ (out 30th September), new single ‘Good Love’ serves as a shimmering end-of-summer ode to those who love being in love. Commenting on the EP, Joel XL says:

“The challenges that life throws your way, each designed to shape and advance your existence and purpose, are encapsulated in ‘XLs Room’. It centres on the concept of a bedroom, as well as the solitude of the mind, both private and safe spaces to feel and process lessons in love, navigating relationships, finding direction and understanding who and what you’re meant to be. This EP is a journey of self-discovery – each track speaks to my musical and mental evolution, crossing genre and themes, ending with passionate optimism that everything happens for a reason and the best is yet to come.”

With early support from the likes of Complex UK, DUMMY and New Wave magazines, it seems almost certain that Joel XL will become one of Britain’s newest R&B superstars.

Joey XL