New Music: Elron Gardy

Photo / Isaac Gracie

Today marks the debut for a mysterious yet refreshingly unique new musical project called Elron Gardy.

‘Reflex and Movement’ finds this illusive British alternative-pop outfit addressing the evolution of humans, as well as their relationship with planet Earth.

“This is song is about how mankind has convinced itself that it has surpassed evolution and that we are better, or at least above, all other things that live on our planet – when in reality we are simply just another species that roams it. By denying our animal instincts we have moved further towards an existence of rootlessness, loneliness and anxiety. With our lack of care for the things that gave us life, that life will inevitably, at some point, be taken from us. But perhaps without humans the world would be better off…”

Elron Gardy will play their first live show at London’s Laylow on 10th November 2022 – tickets available here.

Elron Gardy

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