Yellow Bellies – Frankie

UK outfit Yellow Bellies return today with an anthemic slice of alternative rock through their new single, ‘Frankie’.

The song’s clever lyricism was inspired by the moments when a person sacrifices their own well-being for the sake of getting some attention – as the band explains:

“I think we’ve all been in a relationship where either you or your partner over dramatically play the role of self-sabotaging heretic, heralding oneself as a martyr for love. And in this track she goes by ‘Frankie’. So the songs really about that side of oneself that you hate to admit you either still have, or have experienced in the past”.

Since their formation five years ago, Yellow Bellies have been on a quest to become one of the UK’s next big indie bands, and have successfully sold out multiple shows at iconic venues all across the country.

Yellow Bellies