Lyrah – In The Leaves

Rising indie artist Lyrah unveils a stunning slice of emotive dance-pop today through the release of her new single, ‘In the Leaves’.

Created alongside acclaimed producer Jon Wienner and written with Benji Cormack from Slenderbodies, the song was inspired by a dream that Lyrah had experienced:

“I wrote this song about a dream I had before I decided to quit my stable, full time job. In the dream I kept waking up outside, like on the sidewalk in San Francisco and in the leaves by a road. I kept choosing that over my bed or car, and it felt surprisingly calm when I’d wake up outside of my home. I had a session with Benji and we talked about this dream and how it seemed to mirror my life choice of staying in the comfort of a full time job or leaving and being satisfied with less. I quit the job and I kept the song.”

Lyrah currently commands over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify, while also garnering critical praise from the likes of Earmilk and COLORS.