S.C.A.B. – Why Do I Dream Of You

Brooklyn-based outfit S.C.A.B. deliver yet another slice of indie excellence through their new single ‘Why Do I Dream Of You’.

Serving as the opening track to the group’s self-titled LP (out in November via Grind Select), the song presents listeners with a refreshingly raw fusion of indie, rock and pop.

“‘Why Do I Dream Of You’ deals with superficial infatuation. This particular situation led to a revealing dream that I talk about waking up from at the end of the song. After this dream, I was able to process the situation and slowly realise it was probably unhealthy. It was a conclusion I needed to come to myself (versus hearing from other people). “Green beams of steel whose coat decays and chips away at me” (a nod to Frank Sinatra) reflects feeling powerless and struggling to come to terms with the reality of the situation, but holding on to the idealisation of us together.” – Sean Camargo – S.C.A.B.

With recent support from industry heavyweight FADER Magazine and placements on noted playlists like Compact Cassette, S.C.A.B. are most certainly ones to watch.