New Music: Mikaela Stenmo

Mikaela Stenmo continues Sweden’s proud tradition as being the home of electro-pop with the release of new single, ‘Heart Attack’.

Unmistakably Scandinavian in character, the song’s melancholic essence contrasts beautifully against an uptempo electronic production, while the lyrics tell of the stresses that come with being in love.

“The lyrics explore how I realise that I am the culprit in a fight between my ex boyfriend and I and try anything and everything to get him back. The song highlights the stress one feels when desperately trying to get a hold of someone they love.”

The song was originally conceived in 2020 with the help of Wille Enblad and Lucas Albrektsson, and has undergone two years of revisions before its release today.

Mikaela Stenmo

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