Norwegian alt-pop talent Sval has graced our pages for a good few years now, and today’s release of ‘GRENADE’ continues to prove just how impressive this artist is.

Bold, intense and impactful in character, the song blends elements of indie-rock with pop – resulting in a sound that is raw and powerful yet still feels relatable to listeners.

“To me, ‘GRENADE’ is a self destructive and liberating song at the same time. It’s about embracing sadness and anger, and even though the song has a sad tone it’s something beautiful about owning those feelings completely Whenever I’m feeling sad, as long as I get to sit with those feelings for a while, I’m fine. The song has a certain kind of loneliness attached to it, thoughts of others not understanding your feelings. Hopefully people can release to that.”

Sval currently commands more than 84k monthly listeners on Spotify, and has racked up millions of streams since the release of her debut EP ‘Young Alien’ in 2019.


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