Eden Rain – Oh God

London-based, Leeds-born artist Eden Rain returns with a superb piece of indie-pop through her new single, ‘Oh God’.

Created alongside emerging producer Josef Page, the song presents listeners with an honest insight into the life of someone who suffers from overthinking and anxiety. Elaborating further on the lyricism, Rain explains:

“At the very best of times, the thoughts in my brain are random, chaotic and spontaneous. I am, by my own definition, pretty unhinged . Therefore when I found a doodle in my notebook during my session with Josef that said ‘Oh god maybe i should take more drugs’. I thought.. maybe I should write a song about that. The song is sort of about navigating life and relationships as a chronic over-thinker/ anxious girly who is easily overwhelmed. I think the lyrics kind of reflect the darting random thoughts that I have a lot.”

The track serves as a taster to Rain’s forthcoming debut EP, ‘Gutter Vision’, which is out soon. 

Eden Rain