Thomas Headon – Georgia

London-born and Melbourne-raised breakout star Thomas Headon returns with one of the most infectious bops of the week.

New single ‘Georgia’ is the kind of song that will most certainly bring a smile to your face, and showcases Headon’s remarkable talents as a songwriter.

“We’ve actually been sitting on this song for over a year now. I wrote it by myself with my little acoustic guitar in London, then finally produced it up into 100 different versions with my friend Stephen months later, finally landing on this one. It’s actually not even about someone called Georgia, it’s more pointed towards the US state… also which I have nothing to do with, but it’s a metaphor. Anyway it’s my favourite song of mine to date, I hope people like it.”

Having recently supported global icons like Sigrid and Elton John (not to mention selling out his own solo shows), Headon joins Alfie Templeman on tour across North America from this month.

Thomas Headon