Natasha Hunt Lee – Half Baked

One of California’s most exciting pop prospects to have emerged recently has been LA-based singer and songwriter Natasha Hunt Lee.

With critical praise from heavyweight tastemakers as notable as Ones To Watch, PAPER and Wonderland, it’s been quite the year for this deservedly much-hyped artist. Elaborating further on today’s release of new single ‘Half Baked’, Hunt Lee explains

“‘Half Baked’ is about the in-between – when you aren’t necessarily writhing in pain but you’ve definitely been better. It’s coming from the perspective of someone who is finally ok enough to ruminate more objectively than emotionally. But there’s a weird numbness to that. It’s about going out, putting on the same show, but knowing that a deep sense of fulfilment or wonder or naivety or whatever is it has been temporarily taken. And hoping that (but not knowing how) it will come back.”

The single follows on from of Hunt Lee’s The End of the World debut EP, which was released earlier this autumn and has already amassed more than 300k streams.

Natasha Hunt Lee