New Music: Stefan Lars

Stefan Lars is promising new creative based in Berlin, who is not only a singer and songwriter but also a composer, producer and videographer.

Drawing inspiration from his time as a child growing up in Sweden, Lars crafts a style of sound that melds essences of Scandinavian melancholy with the urban spirit that comes from being centred in an urban metropolis like Berlin.

The resulting songs are not only emotive and sincere in tone, but also feel refreshingly raw and authentic. Elaborating on new single ‘Turning Grey’, Lars explains:

“Thematically, it is about dreams with rejuvenating qualities and the lingering question to what extend they are real and/ or illusionary and may even function as a form of modern consumerist escapism.”

The song marks Lars’s third single to date, following the release of ‘Thin Ice’ and ‘Xabian Elegy’.

Stefan Lars

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