Charlotte Plank – Lost Boys

Rising UK artist Charlotte Plank returns with yet another impressive fusion of pop and DnB in the form of new single ‘Lost Boys’.

In what might well be her most commercially-friendly release yet, the track addresses the inner struggles that most of us face during our younger years:

“It speaks about the difficulties of young boys/ people in general who are of a certain age who are finding out who they are through some of the best but most turbulent years.”

“The song highlights particular issues with trying too hard to be something you’re not/ feeling lost with who you are – and trying to fill those feelings with temporary quick fixes e.g. chemicals/ girls/ rebelling/ bad habits/ finding ways to inflate their egos etc. and how these things usually won’t solve those issues.”

Charlotte plays The Prince Albert in Brighton on the 13th January 2023 – tickets can be found here.

Charlotte Plank