Martin Luke Brown – love is a back hole !

Leicester-born musician Martin Luke Brown is back with one of the most heart-warming pieces of indie-pop that you’ll likely experience all week.

Inspired by young love and it’s entanglements, ‘love is a back hole !’ treats listeners to a stripped-back sound that is utterly charming to experience.

“‘I wrote ‘love is a back hole !’ as a bit of an experiment with how true to life I could push myself to be lyrically. It makes me laugh how specific it is, even down to the expletives. It’s just a love song innit –  true to my exact situation now. I wanted it to feel like a warm hug, Michael Cera, coming of age indie film sort of vibes.”

To date, Luke Brown has earned himself more than twenty million career streams on Spotify, a loyal fan base across social media and countless endorsements from some of the UK’s most prominent music outlets and tastemakers. A debut album is on it’s way in 2023.

Martin Luke Brown