Martin Luke Brown – **it gets better

They say good things come to those who wait. This is certainly the case for fans of British artist Martin Luke Brown, who can finally look forward to the release of his debut album, ‘damn, look at the view !’.

The collection of songs will be some of Martin’s most personal, and are inspired by themes such as childhood, nostalgia and mental health.

“Each song is like a journal entry of a specific time in my life – and it gets pretty deep at times – but ultimately the feeling I want to evoke is that life really can be simple and we should squeeze the juice out of every moment.”

Ahead of its launch on the 19th May (pre-save here), Martin has just unveiled a new indie-pop anthem, entitled ‘**it gets better’. Elaborating further on the song and the album itself, Martin says:

“The whole album is a big explore into mental health and general sort of coming of age, angst, nostalgia, all of it. I guess ‘**it gets better’ is the simplest in its meaning – I almost imagined my Mum singing it to me. It’s such a hilarious over simplification of mental health, almost like saying ‘don’t worry about it, it’ll blow over’. It’s ironic really, cos I’m not really entirely sure I believe that it does get better for everyone, but it’s nice for people to just feel good and have a boogie. I wanted to have a song on the record that just felt good and hopeful, as if you’ve arrived home after a long time away.”

Martin Luke Brown

Martin Luke Brown – love is a black hole !

Leicester-born musician Martin Luke Brown is back with one of the most heart-warming pieces of indie-pop that you’ll likely experience all week.

Inspired by young love and it’s entanglements, ‘love is a black hole !’ treats listeners to a stripped-back sound that is utterly charming to experience.

“‘I wrote ‘love is a black hole !’ as a bit of an experiment with how true to life I could push myself to be lyrically. It makes me laugh how specific it is, even down to the expletives. It’s just a love song innit –  true to my exact situation now. I wanted it to feel like a warm hug, Michael Cera, coming of age indie film sort of vibes.”

To date, Luke Brown has earned himself more than twenty million career streams on Spotify, a loyal fan base across social media and countless endorsements from some of the UK’s most prominent music outlets and tastemakers. A debut album is on it’s way in 2023.

Martin Luke Brown

Martin Luke Brown – grateful

UK talent Martin Luke Brown returns with a blissful slice of indie-pop through the release of new single ‘grateful’.

Serving as the perfect antidote to those midweek blues, the track is lifted from Brown’s forthcoming debut album, which is out next year.

“I played it to my best mate and he he laughed and said something like ‘mate this is so you’. As an artist I don’t feel like I ever landed anywhere that felt fully authentic to me, so that felt like the best compliment I could possibly have got. I love it, it’s just chill innit. I love that the whole chorus sentiment is ‘let’s go for a walk’, it’s so basic but feels so true. Amidst all the complication and existential angst I really do believe that life is best simple.” 

Brown is not only an artist in his own right, but has also worked alongside the likes of BTS, Jacob Banks, Gavin James, Greta Isaac, Sody and Jack Kane as a co-writer or producer.

Martin Luke Brown