Looney Gloomers – Faking Paintings

Acclaimed Danish outfit Looney Gloomers have been building a steady momentum ever since the release of their debut record, ‘House of Dying Days‘ last year.

Credited with forming a new style of indie called ‘New Now’, this emerging collective of singers and multi-instrumentalists return with an explosive new single today entitled ‘Faking Paintings’.

The track finds the Copenhagen & London-based group confronting the struggles of modern-day living, as they explain:

“This song confronts the inner saboteur that keeps you awake at night. The hero of ‘Faking Paintings’ is in a fog of self-doubt, trapped in a limbo of never knowing whether he’s in or out – an uncertainty that quickly turns into anger and slowly but surely develops into; self-loathing. It’s a struggle that many young people go through today and a torment we should talk more openly about.”

The song is lifted from the band’s forthcoming sophomore ‘Between Good Friends’ album, which is scheduled for release on 30th November 2022.

Looney Gloomers

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