Izza Gara – You’ve Done / Came To Dance

We recently came across Swedish-Turkish artist Izza Gara’s new single, ‘You’ve Done’, and realised that we’ve never actually featured this emerging starlet before… so now we are!

A talent of many crafts, Gara is not only a singer and songwriter but also a dancer and painter.

Songs like ‘You’ve Done’ demonstrate Gara’s unique approach to music production, which fuses elements of alternative pop with R&B, resulting in sounds that are distinctly unique yet still carry mainstream appeal.

Speaking on previous single ‘Come To Dance’, Gara eplains:

“Everything started with a jam after a pause from a session. We had so much energy and no one could focus. We programmed the beat and composed the chords and the bass through an old analog synth. After that we recorded it through the voice memo on the phone, so every instrument sound is from the iPhone mic.”

Gara aims to tour across Europe in 2023. In the meantime, fans can enjoy debut album ‘Lonely Too’, which is out now.

Izza Gara

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