New Music: No Project One

Denmark’s burgeoning indie scene continues to surprise and impress with today’s introduction of alt-rock duo No Project One.

As school friends on the island of Bornholm, Jesper Møller and Jakob Hjarsø would skip classes to work on their music.

Fast forward to 2023, and the two 23-year old musicians have just unveiled their anthemic debut single, ‘Connected’.

Bold, intense, epic and cinematic in character, the song serves as an impressive taster to the duo’s work. Explaining the track’s story, they elaborate:

“In a magical and somewhat coincidental way, ‘Connected’ ended up being the first No Project One-song. Its sound instantly hit this pure feeling in both of us – something that is both raw and powerful and an atmosphere you can step into. The lyrics sum up a theme of human connection and feeling comfortable in what you do, where you are and with whom. A moment where nothing else really matters.”

It’s rare to find a new outfit unleash their sound in such a confident and self-assured way. Be sure to keep these kids on your radars – they might be one of Denmark’s most interesting bands this year.

“To us, No Project One means that you rarely succeed in what you do the first time around – that everything must be tried and explored. This project reflects our abilities, curiosity and ideas that narratively tells the story of where we are and the fact, that this band is No Project One.”

No Project One

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