Rowan Drake – Elephant In The Room

Photo / Chase Denton

Rising American singer and songwriter Rowan Drake returns today with an impressive new single called ‘Elephant In The Room’.

Prior to its official release, the song’s presence on social media had garnered more than five million views through TikTok and Instagram, making it one of Drake’s most hyped and anticipated singles to date.

Inspired by a relationship breakdown, ‘Elephant In The Room’ presents listeners with a refreshingly raw and emotionally charged sound. Elaborating further on the track, Drake explains:

“‘Elephant In The Room’ represents the neglect I showed to my partner in my relationship. It’s the feeling of holding on so tightly to something you care about that it suffocates. Turning your blinders on to everything that has been lost in hopes it will just disappear. The elephant in the room is the fact that we’d reached our expiration date but I wasn’t willing to admit that in my case. The song started with me playing a strange tuning on my guitar in my empty apartment and hearing the verse melody. The emotion was born and everything seemed to just fall into place afterwards. It’s been beautiful to see the song resonate in the way it has.”

Rowan Drake