Varas – Hell No

Photo / Lamia Karic

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Varas begins his year with anthemic new single, ‘Hell No’.

Through its raw and bold production, Varas addresses the mundane nature of life, and the desire to escape from it all.

“You know the feeling when it’s Friday and you’ve just survived another week full of snow storms and hurtful ingrown toenails. Your body is hurting, not because you worked out or anything but because you walked home with groceries and un-ergonomically only brought one bag.

After walking in a leaning matter you come home. A dear friend hits you up: ‘care for a beer?’. You care a lot actually. Anything to make you think about something else than this cycle of habits around work. You wanna talk about literally anything else. Your friend’s THINKING about CONSIDERING possibly getting a cat? Soon? No, in four years? Ah, still, you’d rather think about your friend considering possibly getting a cat in four years. Anyway, you change your clothes and head into town. Finally you manage to get to a bar with some friends. It’s cheap and smelly, just like you. Now it’s time to have a pleasant time of distraction. But before you even take the first sip it happens, someone at the table innocently asks you about next week’s work and duties. Right there, that moment you have to keep yourself from telling your dear friend to shut the f up, was our state of mind when we wrote ‘Hell No’.”

With his refreshingly original and distinct approach to music-making, Varas is rapidly becoming one of Sweden’s most hotly-tipped newcomers. Fans can look forward to a new EP, scheduled for release later this year.


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