New Music: Cole Bleu

Photo / Charlotte Alex

You may recognise Cole Bleu as a former member of much-acclaimed outfit The Let Go, who took over the tastemaker world by storm following the release of their 2022 mixtape, ‘Delete My Feelings’.

Today’s release of ‘HEARTBREAKERS’ serves as Bleu’s first solo single, and touches on topics of pain and regret from a break-up.

“‘HEARTBREAKERS’ is about breaking up with someone but then realising you regret it after seeing them with someone else. It’s a different kind of pain when you know it’s all your fault in the end.”

Bold, expressive and energising in character, the song marks Bleu as one of the most exciting soloists to emerge from the UK this spring.

Elaborating further on this exciting new chapter in her musical journey, Bleu explains:

“I’m so excited about my first solo project because it’s authentically me. There’s no name I can hide behind, because it’s just who I am. I’ve found a new found confidence sharing my music with the world as Cole.”

Cole Bleu

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