Kami Kehoe – love songs vol. 1

This weekend’s bop comes courtesy of Alfitude favourite, Kami Kehoe. On her new single ‘love songs vol. 1’, Kehoe treats listeners to an infectious mix of disco, funk and electro-pop.

And yet, while the production is uplifting and playful, the song’s lyrics tell of a time when Kehoe fell in love with someone who she was constantly warned about.

“This record talks about my experience of a past relationship where people close to me tried to warn me that I shouldn’t be in it… that it was wrong. But, I kept fighting for it because I never saw what everyone else could see. Even though I realised they were right in the end, I could only see the good in this person through my eyes.”

Kehoe is currently finishing off work on her much-anticipated debut album. In the meantime, if you’re lucky enough to live in LA then you can catch Kehoe performing at the iconic Peppermint Club on 18th March 2023 – tickets can be found here

Kami Kehoe