Kami Kehoe – love songs vol. 1

This weekend’s bop comes courtesy of Alfitude favourite, Kami Kehoe. On her new single ‘love songs vol. 1’, Kehoe treats listeners to an infectious mix of disco, funk and electro-pop.

And yet, while the production is uplifting and playful, the song’s lyrics tell of a time when Kehoe fell in love with someone who she was constantly warned about.

“This record talks about my experience of a past relationship where people close to me tried to warn me that I shouldn’t be in it… that it was wrong. But, I kept fighting for it because I never saw what everyone else could see. Even though I realised they were right in the end, I could only see the good in this person through my eyes.”

Kehoe is currently finishing off work on her much-anticipated debut album. In the meantime, if you’re lucky enough to live in LA then you can catch Kehoe performing at the iconic Peppermint Club on 18th March 2023 – tickets can be found here

Kami Kehoe

Kami Kehoe – loaded gun

Kami Kehoe is back with yet another impressive new single to further solidify her name as one the America’s most promising newcomers.

Punchy and bold in tone, ‘loaded gun’ showcases a kind of pop that delivers a ton of character without having to go overboard on the production.

“My motto is ‘kure the world’ because I know one day I will have a positive impact on a generation of people. If I am able to change one person’s life through my songs or through the words I say, then I’ve reached my goal.”

Working with much respected Grass Fed Music (home to the likes of Sabrina Claudio and Etham), it seems only a short matter of time before Kehoe will hit the mainstream.

Kami Kehoe

Kami Kehoe – emotionally unavailable

American talent Kami Kehoe returns with a stunning fusion of lo-fi pop and alt-R&B on ’emotionally unavailable’.

Continuing the 19-year old’s impressive run of releases, the song further proves that this emerging artist is one of R&B-pop’s brightest prospects.

To date, Kehoe has garnered more than 150k catalogue streams from the release of just five songs, while also landing placements on Spotify playlists as prominent as Fresh Finds and New Pop Picks.

Kami Kehoe

New Music: Kami Kehoe

Distinctive vocals immediately captivate you to listen to ‘Slow’ by the emerging RnB-pop talent Kami Kehoe.

Kehoe’s songwriting has a sense of maturity and confidence that shows this young artist as someone with something to say; knowing how to make her statement heard confidently and clearly.

“‘Slow’ is about the relationships you’ve had as a young person – especially being in an unequal relationship where you’re expected to do things emotionally (or otherwise) that you don’t want do, and learning how to overcome those patterns so they don’t manifest in future relationships. This song is about learning how to be stronger, embracing the power of the word NO, and being more able to hold your own in regards to what your needs are.”

Kami Kehoe