Daniella Binyamin – Abba

It’s an exciting day for Nordic singer and songwriter Daniella Binyamin, who has just released her debut EP and its lead single, ‘Abba’, today.

A masterclass in Swedish pop, the song applies feelings of intense melancholy over an energising yet haunting indie production. Sonically reminiscent of Lykke Li’s early work, the track’s cinematic sound is nothing short of epic.

“‘Abba’ is an energetic yet sad track, a crying-on-the-dancefloor anthem to listen to when you need to get all those hard feelings out of your system. It’s a jumble of hope, devastation, freedom and a touch of madness and set the tone for the feelings I had when writing both the song and the EP.”

Elaborating further on the creation of the EP itself, Binyamin explains that it came to fruition back in 2020, as a way to process all the pain that had built up following a break up.

“When I wrote ‘Abba’ it was only my voice and a piano. I was angry and sad, and felt left behind by people I loved. When we later started to arrange and produce the songs, I realised how much I needed to write it, in order to move on. For every tangle that was straightened out, I became more and more fearless and convinced I was doing what was right for me.”

Daniella performs at Stockholm’s Musikaliska kvarteret (Blinda Tigern) on the 31st March – more details can be found here.

Daniella Binyamin

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