Ellise – brokenboys&bitterbitches

Photo / Natasha Austrich

Viral sensation Ellise has been steadily building momentum over this last year, and today’s unveiling of ‘brokenboys&bitterbitches’ will only further propel this exciting talent into the global mainstream.

By perfectly balancing dark, industrial electronic pop with glitchy electronica, the song delivers a sound that feels sinister and menacing, but also playful and charming at the same time.

“Much of my music in the past couple of years has been pretty heavy and emotionally taxing to write. I wanted to make something fun and not that deep, while also experimenting with a different sound in production. ‘BROKEN BOYS & BITTER BITCHES’ completely captured the confident, nonchalant, bad bitch energy I was feeling when I wrote it. So… after many, many heartbreak songs, I’m very excited to put out something that makes me smile when I listen to it!”

To date, Ellise has accumulated more than 200 million catalogue streams and collaborated alongside artists as noted as Mothica and DeathbyRomy.

You can catch Ellise performing live at New Jersey’s Bamboozle Fest 2023 in May – more details can be found here.