Mina Okabe  – Talk to Me

Photo / Cathrine Brix

Danish-Japanese artist Mina Okabe has well and truly become one of Scandinavia’s newest global stars.

While still only 22-years old, Okabe has already amassed almost 50 million catalogue streams while also commanding more than 700k monthly Spotify listeners.

Mina unveils her brand new EP today, entitled ‘Spinning Around’ (out now). Inspired by the ups and downs of life, the collection of songs serves as soundtrack to Mina’s personal journey over the last twelve months.

“The past year has gone by really fast – like a whirlwind of inspiration and creation in the best possible way. I feel that the many new and exciting experiences I have had can be heard in the songs I’ve written, expressing very different energies and emotions, from where I’m most vulnerable to a lighter feel of self-irony. And so, I thought ‘Spinning Around’ was a suiting title for this collection of songs.”

Lifted from the EP is Mina’s new single, ‘Talk to Me’. Interestingly, the song applies bossa nova notes onto a lo-fi indie production, which results in a sound that beautifully juxtaposes the dramatic intensity of Latin music with the controlled emotion of Nordic pop.

“‘Talk to Me’ is about the frustrating feeling that comes when someone you’re interested in is not opening up and is hard to read. I like how it stands out among my other songs – both lyrically and with the playful production – but most of all, because it gives me a feeling of confidence.”

Mina Okabe

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