Donna Missal – Flicker

Track of the week. One thing most recording artists dread is the prospect of being released from their label.

That very incident happened to acclaimed American singer-songwriter Donna Missal, who consequently spent the past year working on new music. Now she’s back with one of her most impressive releases to date.

Co-written with DAGR and Em Walcott, new single ‘Flicker’ finds Missal turning her pain into power, and serves listeners with a bold mix of alternative pop and dance music.

“This song means so much to me and is the start of such a special time in my life as an artist and I’m just so grateful for those who made this happen with me, and every last person that streams and dances and watches the video and for taking part in this reclamation of myself and my autonomy it is just a dream being realised.”

Donna Missal