Cub Sport – Hold

Photo / Mia Rankin

It’s a big day for acclaimed Australian pop outfit Cub Sport, who have not only released a new single but also unveiled their fifth studio album.

‘Hold’ is a stunningly constructed piece of dance-pop that perfectly balances emotions of melancholy with euphoria.

Sonically inspired by nightclub sounds from the millennium era, the song feels nostalgic and familiar, but still retains a sense of uniqueness. Elaborating further on their new album, Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson explains:

“I think that’s the beauty of writing honestly about my own life – it all fits together and reveals a little bit more of this greater story that’s still playing out, from an ever-evolving perspective but with the same heart. We have the self-appointed freedom to evolve and change and I think that’s why, five albums in, it still feels exciting.”

UK-based fans can catch the band on tour later this month. Dates and tickets can be found here.

Cub Sport