New Music: Kahone Concept

This week’s award for most relatable song title goes to ‘I Like You but Don’t Talk’ from Pittsburgh-based singer and producer Kahone Concept.

Melodically memorable and lyrically playful, the song treats listeners to an infectiously feel-good fusion of pop and rock. Explaining the meaning behind the song, Kahone says:

“Sometimes you want to be left alone without any hard feelings towards those around you, No grandma it’s not personal, I just really don’t feel like explaining why I am not married yet. No mom I’m not upset with you, I just don’t really feel like talking about if I’m eating healthy lately. No boss, it’s not personal, wait actually never mind you can’t really talk to your boss like that.”

While Kahone Concept might be a name new to you, this talent is already picking up significant momentum, and has garnered more than a million cumulative streams to date.

Kahone Concept

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