Rangleklods – Song We Used To Play

Photo / André Hansen

He’s kept up waiting for almost three years, but Danish electronic artist Rangleklods (aka Esben Nørskov Andersen) is back today with one of the most interesting releases of the week.

Experimental and intriguing in tone, ‘Song We Used To Play’ presents listeners with a refreshingly eccentric mix of electronica, indie and pop.

“It’s a song about a friendship that faded away. You move away, forget to stay in touch, and eventually the relationship is just a fond, hazy memory that you hold onto. And the lyrics, just like the friendship you look back on, are also fading away — only the melody is persistent, and remains.”

In typical Scandinavian fashion, the song seamlessly balances essences of melancholy with playfulness, and leaves us with a beautifully immersive soundscape that is really quite unique to experience.

Since the project’s debut back in 2012, Rangleklods has been praised my most global music outlets – from BBC Radio 1 and The Guardian through to The New York Times, Wonderland Magazine and The Line of Best Fit.


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