YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB + tmdistant – Did It My Way

Rising talents YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB and tmdistant have joined forces to create one of the most impressive collaborations that we’ve seen so far this month.

Through an upbeat production that fuses elements of indie and alternative pop, ‘Did It My Way’ highlights to listeners the importance of embracing our self-worth. Elaborating further on the inspiration behind the track’s empowering message, YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB explains:

“I guess I’m a nice person who always tries to help others out when I can and even when I can’t sometimes, and that really hasn’t worked out in my favour. People tend to take advantage of that and I know it. I used to let it slide, until recently, when I realised that I wouldn’t get where I want in life if I didn’t put myself first. This song is about that realisation.” – YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB.

Aside from the fact that both YAOUNDÉBOXINGCLUB and tmdistant have already picked up widespread tastemaker praise over a relatively short space time, these two musicians have also grown significant fan bases – with each artist amassing more than 250k career streams to date.