Drugstore Cowboy – Big House

American duo Drugstore Cowboy (aka Mr. Carter Davis and Grant Thompson) are back today with a charming slice of alternative pop through their new single, ‘Big House’.

The song is lyrically inspired by the time in our lives when we finish school or college, and are trying to understand how best to navigate this first stage of adulthood.

We wrote the song separately in different rooms. Grant was in his bedroom studio working on a totally different beat and I was in the kitchen hanging out. There was something about barely hearing an abstract melody and unintelligible beat through the walls that spurred on a new idea. The melody and lyrics came to me instantly. I made a voice memo and we dropped our plans for the night to chase the idea. We made the song within an hour or so and we immediately agreed it was our favourite song we’ve ever done together. 

I imagine two friends are hanging out for the first time in months. The friend that is visiting is about to graduate, while the other has dropped out to work and is living on their own. This is their first apartment. There’s barely any furniture, except an old leather couch and a glass coffee table. The type of apartment that we’ve all been to, with a balcony, worn out carpet, and a kitchen floor plan that bleeds into the living room. It’s small and It smells of previous tenets and weed. I imagine these two friends on that leather couch having beers/ smoking and being exhausted from their day. They catch up, and it’s awkward at first but as the night goes on they find common ground in their shared past. They tell old stories, talk about exes and what everyone is doing now. Eventually the move on to their dreams and their desires for the future. They both realise they’ve recently grown up a lot but no matter what happens, you can’t change where you’re from and who you grew up with. Their paths may be different but their destination is the same. Happy, healthy, wealthy and surrounded by their closest friends.”

To date, Drugstore Cowboy have amassed more than 100k career streams, and currently command close to 15k monthly listeners on Spotify. With their momentum on the rise, we think its safe to say that these chaps are worth watching this year.

Drugstore Cowboy