New Music: NiwrianCreature

NiwrianCreature is an emerging alternative musician who is currently crafting some of the most interesting and experimental sounds to emerge from Sweden.

‘Hummingbirds’ is a gripping piece of dark pop which sets a haunting soundscape that is filled with intensity and tension. On the lyricism, Niwrian explains:

“The lyrics is steeped in metaphors, but is about friendship with bad intentions. The purely physical anxiety when people you trust don’t want you well. It is the voice of the person who experienced the text, so it is only reasonable that it is heard on the recording.ā€

Interestingly, the production for the song was completed just before the start of Niwrian’s testosterone treatments, meaning the voice that you hear on the track is one that no longer exists.

You can experience more of this artist’s work through his ‘From My Wounds’ EP, which can be found here.


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