Boko Yout – AS SEEN ON TV (EP)

Swedish-born creative Boko Yout (aka Paul Adamah) first caught our attention last autumn with his sensationally arresting song, ‘ANXIETY’.

Since then, this multi-talented artist has built up a strong base of followers and picked up support from tastemakers as respected as Fashionably Early and Mystic Sons.

Today sees Adamah releasing his highly anticipated concept EP, ‘AS SEEN ON TV’ (available here).

The songs on the record represent ‘the channels of a fictional TV network called Boko Communications’, and reflect upon the life experiences and emotions that Adamah has so far experienced in his life.

“From my perspective as a black gay man in Sweden, TV, and entertainment have been an escape from reality since I was a child. This project is therefore a celebration, as much as a critique, of the culture shaped by these stereotypes. This is a TV network where I get to decide what I want to see – a manifestation of a younger version of myself and the stories I wish I had heard. It’s a way to look up to myself in retrospect.”

While every song on the EP is distinct in character, there are two notable tracks which have caught our attention; those being ‘TIKTOK’ and ‘MORNING’.

With its captivating lyricism and rich sonic textures, ‘MORNING’ showcases Adamah’s self-described ‘Afro Grunge’ style of sound.

Meanwhile, ‘TIKTOK’ presents listeners a with a hazy and lo-fi, almost psychedelic style of production that is as intriguing as it is captivating.

Fans in Sweden can catch Boko Yout performing live this summer at various events, including Storsjöyran, Trädgården Live Sessions, Powerpose FM Festival and at Daniel Ek’s Brilliant Minds Conference.

Boko Yout

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